Stop spending hours creating transactions, wrangling signers, and accounting for each transfer. Start executing fast.





Accelerating the top onchain teams

Create secure transactions lightning fast

  • Create batch token transfers in a few clicks
  • Simulate transactions as you create them
  • Use any dapp without struggling to connect
  • Build custom transactions that can interact with any contract

Know what you're executing & identify malicious transactions

Simulate and decode transactions before you execute them.

  • Easily understand the inputs to complex transactions
  • See the outcomes of transactions before you sign
  • Automatically see what's behind any address
    Avoid doing decimal math to understand numbers

Automatically notify your multisig signers

Discord, Telegram, Slack, and SMS bots automatically send recurring notifications until your transactions get executed, so you don't have to track down signers.

  • See exactly what you're signing at a glance
  • Cut through the noise by auto-tagging and DMing signers
  • Discover which signers are slacking with generated stats

Automate your team's onchain accounting

  • See all your transactions annotated with pre-populated data
  • Categorize all your transfers automatically using powerful rules
  • Track your multisigs, EOAs, and smart contracts all in one place

Get rich, granular financial insights

  • Double your revenue and eliminate wasted spend with clear, granular financial data
  • Generate financial statements in one click
  • Visualize your organization's inflows, outflows, and balance changes

Trusted by web3 leaders

“We used to waste days manually pinging signers to approve transactions. Now Den does it for us and we execute transactions faster.”

Hamzah Khan

Head of DeFi, Polygon

“Den has saved so much of my time as a DAO operator by helping me quickly craft and execute transactions.”

Matt Condon

CTO, PleasrDAO

“Den makes it easy to understand multisig transactions. We can instantly tell if a pending transaction does what we want, instead of spending hours manually decoding data.”

Edward Kim

CTO, Index Coop

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Gnosis Chain


BNB Chain

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